Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Soon to change companions 12/8/2014

     Buenas Tardes! No. No tango un nuevo companero ahorra pero a la 5 estamos visitando San Cristobal  donde I will find my new companion. He is an old companion of my current companion Elder Acosta and he's supposed to be really energetic and really good at teaching lessons so I'm really excited. He also doesn't speak ANY English tambien so it'll be really good practice.  I'm sad to see E Acosta go I love him to death but a new companion is exciting to so I have mixed feelings. I'm also staying in Ocosingo and will most likely spend another 4 or 5 months here. And yeah, I can get packages they just need to be sent to the mission office in Tuxtla and need to have catholic stickers on them. And yeah I got the card, it was great!(The card was from his ward's Relief Society).  It was the only letter the whole zone received for the month so everyone freaked out and made it a big deal haha.

Our district and our zone leaders (zone leaders bottom and to the left)

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