Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5/25/15 Picture of Tuxtla

So Mexico is awesome.  Really really warm and really humid haha.  The rain just started and they tell me it goes on daily until November.  Yikes, but we're getting used to it and really it only rains in the afternoon.

Cambios are I'm going to stay here in Bosques but my companion is going to Chojolo. It's in the altos of Chiapas.  It's where all of the indigenous people live and it's where they don't send guedos. Tomorrow I'm getting my new companion whose name is, wait for it, Elder Luna! Same name different Elder haha but I'm really excited. Change is always really fun. ​

It sounds like you guys are having an awesome time in Idaho! That's great! And yeah Idaho is really pretty, I miss all the hikes and camp outs. But there's time for that after my mission. Here in Chiapas it's also really fun.

This Sunday we learned a lot about Fasting. Our Stake President came and gave a talk about fasting and then we taught our investigador Victor about fasting during Principles of the Gospel. After that we went and had our lesson about, you guessed it, fasting. The teacher didn't know our investidagor wasn't a member and started asking him about the basics of fasting and it was awesome to see how much he remembered. He and and a little girl named Hna Luz both have baptisms scheduled this Saturday so we're going to keep our fingers crossed that they're preparing. We're going to do our best to visit them daily.

Besides that life here is amazing! Have an awesome week, love you all!

Elder Wixom
pic of tuxtla!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy in Tuxtla 5/18/15


We are doing really good here in Bosque.  This week we talked with the
Bishop and our Lider Misional.  We're redoing our ward mission plan and
are going to focus more on how to spiritually prepare the members of
the ward to teach the gospel.  We're going to introduce it this week in
the consejo and then we're going to talk to all of the quorums about it
this Sunday.  We're hoping that this plan and some of the activities
we're putting together can excite the ward and help them feel the
spirit of missionary work a little bit.  If we can get them to do the
basic things we do to invite the Spirit we will be better able to
teach them the other things they can do to invite people to come unto

One of my favorite teaching experiencias is kind of anti climatic. We
were on splits and I was with one of our zone leaders(Elder
Reyesleva).  The Hnas in our district had a woman they were preparing
ofr baptism so I had to do the baptism interview to make sure she was
ready.  We got to her house and she's super friendly and super nice.  We
start talking and she shares with us that she still has doubts about
the Book of Mormon.  We started talking and then my companion felt the
impression that we needed to sing a hymn. So we sang hymn number 61
or Venid a Mi, (I don't remember right now what it's called) .  We felt
the Spirit so strongly in that moment.  We were able to testify of the
veracidad of our message and it was amazing.  She still has questions
and the missionary's are still working with her but in that moment, it
was impossible to deny the Spirit. That's one of my favorite

Anyways I love you all and have an amazing week! Thanks for everything!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Quick Letter 5/4/15

I'm sorry to hear about your friend.  Just remember that we spend here we're preparing for the next life and right now you can prepare to teach and love your friend in the life to come.  It's got to be really hard for his family right now but they teach us that at these times in life is when we become humble and more receptive to the spirit.  Their family is looking for comfort right now that can only be found through our Heavenly Father.   But I've got to go, until Sunday! I love you all, have an awesome week!

Elder Wixom