Monday, June 13, 2016

Lots of Pics 6/13/16

Various photos from this transfer 
Todays cambios, Elder Jones is going full time to rodulfo the pueblo weve been blowing up and I'm going to stay here and Elder Lara my new companion should get here tomorrow.​

Monday, June 6, 2016

Building Houses and Testimonies 6/6/16

Brother Hunters a really good man, I still remember when he gave me my patriarchal blessing. My prayers go out to his family.

Sorry I haven't written much, we've been awfully busy here lately. I'll just try and tell you what we've been doing the last few days.

Monday- We went to flor de mayo and helped a man with aids build his house. That's why we didn't have much time to write.  He's an investigator for sometime now and has decided he wants to get baptized on the 18 of June, we're very excited. He's amazing, he's been sick since he was 14 and since then it's been a struggle but he's looking pretty good now and whenever we visit him we offer him blessings. We read a cool talk by I believe David O Mckay in 1973(correct me if I'm wrong). It talked about how he was coming home on a plane and three different times he felt on immense pain in his stomach and three different times he felt hands on his head and looked up and didn't see anything. When he got home his wife sent him to the hospital. The doctor said he had internal bleeding and if he had waited any longer that he would have died. What he taught was that if even the Prophet has need of three different blessing how much greater is our need of the laying on of hands constantly y constantly throughout our lives.  If Joseph had the first vision and then never prayed ever again where would we be now? In order to progress we need constant communication and revelation from The Lord.

Tuesday- We thought we were gonna contact a reference that was 30 min away and we end up taking the combi for 2 and a half hours, get off, see one going the other way and going home. We sure had a pretty ride though and now we need where our next pueblo de oro is.

Wednesday- Went to rodulfo and started building another house for a women named sandra. She wants to be baptized but isn't because her husband lives in the US and doesn't want her to join a church till he gets back. Meanwhile we've been teaching her and cutting their wood and it's been pretty fun.

Thursday- Wednesday all over again haha

Friday- Thursday all over again

Saturday- we helped with the 6 baptisms the zone had and did our weekly planning for next week

Sunday- we planned with the district pres. the mission devocional well have the 26 and taught a childrens choir to sing army of helaman, it was pretty fun.

 It sure is stressful sometimes out here but were getting by and were teaching repentance and baptizing converts. So that was my week, I love you guys! Cuidese mucho,Elder Wixom