Monday, December 28, 2015

Great Christmas 12/28/15

Felizzzzzz Navidad! (un poco tarde)

Wow this Christmas was really special! It went by really fast but it was A LOT of fun.  At like 7 in the morning we crossed the river to get to town and guess who I ran into, my trainer Elder Lopez! He ended his mission about a year ago exactly by came back for the season to visit people with his parents. It was awesome to see him again. (pic 1) After that we went to ChauƧhuits and had a zone meeting. It was pretty cool, we gave service by helping a recent convert make 15 piƱatas for a cinceneta and then we played Christmas jeopardy and ate tlayudas(like these giant quesidillas like 4 inches thick) and shrimp. Classic Oaxacan meal. We went to the park and got to take a district photo!(pic 2, that's our district)Then we headed back and we didn't get invited to any special Christmas dinners(there a VERY few members) but we did teach some amazing lessons! We found a sister named Maribel who we contacted the other week and this was going to be the second lesson with her. Well we got there and her husband was there. We went and we taught the Restoration and her husband was very quiet but when we asked if he though Joseph smith was a prophet we was like "I don't know, but I think so, how can I know?" then we taught him about prayer and he offered an amazing one. We talked about how many time the holy ghost works through feeling and if he reads ponders and prayers he can know if our message is true. We've got another visit for this Wednesday and were super excited, we know they are going to receive their answers. Anyways that was my Christmas, I'm glad you enjoyed the cold back home, here it is nothing but HOT!  but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love you guys so much, Adios!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Temple Dedication 12/14/15

ay buenos dias!

This week was awesome! my companion and I were in Ixhuatan Sunday Monday and Tuesday because an elder there had to go to Tuxtla to sign some documents and​ my companion and I stayed with his companion. It's always a lot of fun visiting other areas because you don't know anyone and you can literally invite everyone you come into contact with to come unto Christ. We've been teaching a lot with the Christmas videos a savior is born and it has been very useful. If you haven't seen it yet look it up at, they're both amazing!

Yesterday we went and saw the temple dedication in Tijuana. It was incredible. Elder Uchtdorf spoke about service and how were we serve others we are really only serving our Savior, it was amazing!

Were working a lot with a kid named Angel. he's 15, his parents don't live together and right now he lives by himself. He's been church more that 20 times but its been a while, he's struggled a lot with drugs and alcohol in his life and he wants to be baptized but he's afraid he's going to fall into bad habits again. Were teaching a lot about the Holy ghost and how it is a counsel and guide to us and we are going to help him understand the Atonement of Christ and how through his faith and obedience he can be forgiven nd born again. He's such an awesome kid, if he does his part I know the Lord will bless him

Anyways I love you all, have an awesome Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2015

12/7/15 Other Elders in the Mission

Well the biggest difference is here during Christmas its still like 90 degrees outside, oh my goodness it is hot!​ But they all celebrate Christmas here and the night before they all eat tamales and arroz con leche(rice with milk)

This last week we had a multizoner conference and our President taught us about our Savior. It was amazing, it really helped me recognize how much Jesus Christ really loves us and how we need to make the most out of ready day to show our love for him. Every day we need to reassure the things that he's taught us and show him that we appreciate all that he's given us. Ah man I love Christmas so much!

Yeah I remember that trip, it was awesome! You should take Justin out there, I'm sure he'd love it!

He }y well I'm doing really good, it really is exhausting work but there is nothing more rewarding and I'm happier then I've ever been. I just want to say I love you all and thanks for the package mom! I just got it but I haven't opened it yet ill wit till Christmas don't worry. Anyways have an awesome week!

Elder Wixom
These are the other Elders in our district, they came and helped out with the baptism last week!