Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lots of Pics! 2/23/15

Thanks for the books, I got the origami book just this Friday and I'm super excited to use I (Mormon Origami ), it'll be great for noches de hogar (home evenings), thanks!! I haven't gotten any of the books from dad yet but I'm still waiting and I'm super excited! This week I had my first cow brain, eye, and tongue tacos! They weren't ground up or anything just in big ole slices, it was awesome! Also we have a new investigador who is very excited about our message and just has an awesome spirit, I'll tell you more about her next week! I don't have time for a long letter but I can send a bunch a photos! Also I need to think about my favorite scripture and I'm sorry I don't have a missionary photo to send you yet, I'll take a pic this Saturday when I have my suit on for Elder Oaks. anyways love you all, Elder Wixom!


We met a man from korea who showed me how to write Jesu Cristo in Korean!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How I strengthened my testimony 2/16/2015

Ay thanks for the email! We're going to the ruins(tonina, the same ones) this Friday as a zone and I'm super excited! We only do it once a year so we're really lucky to be in the zone right now because the ruins are supposed to be some of the best of Chiapas!
Ha! si pues. Me and my district leader, Elder Carpenter(de Texas), have been talking about our future houses with our guns and our wives and our food storage just living out in the sticks with our families haha. Idk, right now I don't think its possible to understood the Book of Mormon without understanding the importance of being prepared for the for the 2nd coming.
Here member's hear about it but it isn't really stressed. A lot of members don't have the money or space to have any legitimate amount of storage. Also it's super humid which decreases the shelf life of almost everything by a lot.
Our teaching pool? We have tons of menos activos right now. We have been getting a lot more legitimate contacts lately but most of the time it seems like the only people who wants to talk to us in the street are the drunks. But we're doing what we can and we've had alot of success with asistencia with the menos activos and that's just as important.
I just read D&C 38:9-15 and woah, that's been giving me something to think about.
Anyway thanks for everything, how's everything back home?
Elder Wixom
HA! way to go Justin haha, thats really funny. You'll have to tell me what happened to your glasses when I get back. And it sounds like you're all really busy in the ward, keep serving others because really it is the best way we can show our love and you will never regret service.
Yeah there's a lot of US brands here but they all taste a lot different. Some are better some are, different. But when we don't like food we always have tortillas and frijoles to fall back on so we're happy. And there are a lot of really pretty birds here, they're all clipped though which is kind of sad and they don't live as long but they're really pretty and sometimes they speak, I want a Spanish speaking parrot.

Our week here was pretty good, not a lot of stories. We ran into a girl who was being taught by the missionaries in Tuxtla but moved here for school and family and now we're teaching her. She's been assisting the church and she knows the gospel really well so we're really excited, we've had a lot of investigadores fall through on us lately. Buuuut, we've got plenty of menos activos and a lot of really nice families to visit so we're going to do our best to reactivate them.
And with my testimony, I've come to realize the only way to really get a testimony is to practice a testimony and see for yourself that what you're doing and that what you know is true. If you don't know if God exists, pray. If you don't know the Book of Mormon is true, read it. If you don't know if Thomas S Monson is ordained and called of God, listen to his teachings and then ask yourself if you're not hearing counsel from our Heavenly Father.  In my mission I don't think I ever really had a super firm testimony about a lot of things because I thought I understood them when I didn't.  I'm so grateful for Jesus the Christ, that book gave me my testimony of our Savior.  Just reading from that book and putting the principles we learn to practice, wow. So I guess I just learned when I have questions or doubts if I'll just put the words and counsel of God before my own wisdom I will never choose the wrong and there is always more to a principle then we think there is. We don't have any commandments for our physical wellbeing, they're all spiritual.
Anyways that's a little disorganized but I don't have a lot of time, I love you guys and thanks for the emails!
Elder Wixom

Monday, February 9, 2015

New Pictures - Finally! 2/9/15

Hola! Que Tal! It sounds like you all had an awesome week then (minus Justin, ouch!)! Accidents like that are cool though because they only hurt for a little and you have a story for the rest of your life.  Congrats Madi! And Sol! and Katie too haha its good to know you're all doing great back home.

Wow! a valentines dance for the adults in our ward, that sounds um Awkward! haha just kidding I'm sure it'll be great and really fun(ny).

Ay! I've got my camera working again(yay!) I think the memory card too so it's a pretty special day today. I'll make sure to send you guys a few photos but the internet here is sometimes realllllly slow.
That's really cool for Alex! I hope something crazy happens and he gets called to Central America again (maybe Chiapas) haha.

Story wise I always have these awesome profound thoughts or lessons or events through the week I want to share with you guys but by lunes I always forget what they are. I'll have to start bringing my journal to the cyber. This week was really hard with not a lot of success but that'll happen and we just have to realize there is always another week and we can learn and get more prepared for tomorrow.

Mission life is hard but something I've been learning is it's hardest when your not giving it your 100%. When you give it your all and don't have any regrets then somehow the days go faster and the lessons are more rewarding. Most of all the people can see that you really care and they have trust in us and it makes the work that much more rewarding.
Anyway I'm glad you're all doing really good! Have a fantastic week and get better soon Justin! Send me a pic of your thumb I want to see it haha. Take Care!
Elder Wixom
on topa dah roofs
Mission Life (Elder Wixom's kitchen)

​mi hijo!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Working hard 2/2/2015

Sounds like everyone's doing good back home! That's good hear! Yoga is way cool and I bet that'll be a lot of fun for her! And I would love to hear that tape when I get home, thanks. And yeah we taught yesterday, we teach everyday haha.
Anyways some things about Ocosingo,
Right now we've had a lot of success in finding and teaching menos activos and almost no success with our investigadors. But that's good because it helps meet out goal of having this branch be a ward by the end of the year. There's hundreds of inactives here too so we have our work cut out for us.
My companion actually knows more english then I thought and he really liked American music so he's always singing all the songs that were on the radio 5 years ago and it's pretty hilarious haha.

​Anyways there's a lot of frustrating stuff we have to put up with, we just have to find ways to laugh it off or else it's no fun. Be really you, take out of it what you put into it and it really is as fun as you make it. You just have to learn to enjoy the little things. I'm glad you're all doing great! Take care and I'm excited for your next email!

That's awesome! tell madi congratulations, I'm sure thatll be a ton fun! and tell Justin that's super cool and I'm proud of him. Hes a bright kid.
We had a challenging week this week but the lessons we did have were meaningful and my companion is amazing, he has a powerful testimony of the gospel. I haven't had a second interview yet and I don't know when it will be but I think we have a zone conference this month. I'll probably be here for 1 or two more transfers but who knows, transfers have been really spontaneous lately.
Anyway, thanks for the email, Love ya!
Elder Wixom