Monday, February 9, 2015

New Pictures - Finally! 2/9/15

Hola! Que Tal! It sounds like you all had an awesome week then (minus Justin, ouch!)! Accidents like that are cool though because they only hurt for a little and you have a story for the rest of your life.  Congrats Madi! And Sol! and Katie too haha its good to know you're all doing great back home.

Wow! a valentines dance for the adults in our ward, that sounds um Awkward! haha just kidding I'm sure it'll be great and really fun(ny).

Ay! I've got my camera working again(yay!) I think the memory card too so it's a pretty special day today. I'll make sure to send you guys a few photos but the internet here is sometimes realllllly slow.
That's really cool for Alex! I hope something crazy happens and he gets called to Central America again (maybe Chiapas) haha.

Story wise I always have these awesome profound thoughts or lessons or events through the week I want to share with you guys but by lunes I always forget what they are. I'll have to start bringing my journal to the cyber. This week was really hard with not a lot of success but that'll happen and we just have to realize there is always another week and we can learn and get more prepared for tomorrow.

Mission life is hard but something I've been learning is it's hardest when your not giving it your 100%. When you give it your all and don't have any regrets then somehow the days go faster and the lessons are more rewarding. Most of all the people can see that you really care and they have trust in us and it makes the work that much more rewarding.
Anyway I'm glad you're all doing really good! Have a fantastic week and get better soon Justin! Send me a pic of your thumb I want to see it haha. Take Care!
Elder Wixom
on topa dah roofs
Mission Life (Elder Wixom's kitchen)

​mi hijo!

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