Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tansfers 9/28/15

Hey! This week we had transfers! and I'm going all the way toooo, San
Francisco del Mar! I'm staying here haha. That was such a relief, I
love working here, its been so fun helping the branch grow. Our
district here has had a great transfer and were excited for this
month, we've got a lot of cool things planned. Sorry its really hard to
write much here, I'll try to send some pictures if I can! I hope you
all have an awesome week!

Elder Wixom

Monday, September 21, 2015

Turtle Eggs 9/21/15

Completing one month I am now officially Oaxcero, no longer 100 % Chiapineco. The change is difficult but what has changed is the first thing that everyone asks me is if I'll teach them English. We are now teaching classes Tuesday in the afternoon. If you have any Oaxacan friends make sure to let them classes are at 3 in the church. 

We had our baptism this week! It was really really complicated, it seems Satan is always trying his hardest to keep us from baptising. Well we spent literally 12 hours Saturday cleaning then filling then recleaning then refilling the font and for some reason just as it was about ready it was just fill with water that was just disgusting. We didn't know what to do because the baptism was already late so we just called a truck and we did the baptism in the river! It was amazing. It was a young woman who just moved here from Ixhuatan and was talking with the Elders over there. Her name is Paola. We invited the other elders to come and baptize her and it was amazing. It was Elder Pugmires first baptism and he got to do it in the river! Ha Paola has an awesome time and it all went really well. 

Right now Elder Rosas and I are looking really hard to find a family to teach. Pte George promised that if we look with faith we can all find and baptise a family of 3 this transfer so my companion and I are really excited. We pray everyday to find them.

Hey I love you all and am so happy to be here serving the Lord right now, there's nowhere better I could be. thanks for all the support, I hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Wixom
We had a family night in Oaxaca and we had turtle eggs! they dont cook them you just bite into them and they're awesome!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fun Area 9/14/15

Yeah I've got Spanish down for the most part, I can read things just fine it's just the accent I'm trying to get down now. I want to sound like a real Chiaponeco jeje. Sol has a lizard? and you killed it?(accidentally)  that's weird. There's lots of lizards in Oaxaca every night we find new ones all over our house. We found a girl who was being taught by the missionary's before and remembers everything and really wants to get baptized so if all goes well we'll have a baptism for hna paola this Saturday! Hey I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Wixom

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fast Week 9/7/15

Wow this week went by so fast! Wow this year went by so fast! Time passes by differently here, partly because there's always something to do and partly because here this run on a different time zone so when we schedule meetings at 6 have have to tell them at 5 and it makes things a little complicated.

This week was amazing! My companion and I are working really hard and learning a lot about how to teach the gospel here.  Did I ever tell you guys to enter our area we have to cross a river? Did I tell you that before we had to cross being pulled by a horse team but right now they're using boats? Well that's what we do every time we need to leave our area. This week we had to leave the area like 4 times and twice to go to a neighboring town ixhuatan. The first time we hd divisions and I went with an elder from sinoloa. We got to his area and started working when at like 8 at night it just started pouring. But when it rains here it rain hard. It almost hurts to be outside, it feels like someone is standing above you spraying you with a fire hose. anyways so we head back to the house I find out that the elders living here sleep with their beds outside! We get there and the beds are halfway placed under a overhang and halfway out in the open soaking wet. Well we're super beat from working in the sun all day so we put the sheets over the wettest part and just went to bed. It was really fun though being outside because here there is thunder and lighting and a lot of it.
I had another opportunity to go to ixhuatan and interview a man who was preparing to get baptized. His name is Edwin. Edwin is 24 years old, has a wife but they don't live together, he's been talking with the missionaries about two months now and he is one of the most humble people I have met. He used to be a heavy drinker  and went out all the time with his friends until one day he got drunk and broke somebodies closet. He was locked up for about 4 days and while in jail he prayed to God and wanted to change is life. When he got released he starts walking home and who does he run into? The missionary's! Since then he's made drastic changes in his life and his friends and even his work. He hasn't drank since and everyday reads in the book of mormon. It was such privilege to interview him, he is a example that anybody it doesn't matter who you are or where you're at in life can change and accept the Saviour. I know my Savior lives and he died so each one of us can live and if we follow his example each one of us can return to live with him again. I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week this week! Stay safe and remember to stay humble and remember the Savior!

(here's my companion eating a watermelon, there about 35 cents here)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Area 8/31/15

This week was long. Our branch is awesome and members that attend are
really good but there's just not a lot of them. Our branch president is
the only active priestholder we have right now so a lot of
responsibilities fall on us. This Sunday my companion and I both spoke
and then we gave both the classes haha. It's fun to teach but we're
trying to help some of the members get more involved. This area was
recently closed for about 6 months and recently reopened to the
missionaries. Right now it's just me and my companion here in San
Francisco with two other companionship's on the other side of the river
in ixuatan. Right now I'm a district leader again which is fun but it's
a lot of responsibility out here. We're kinda isolated from everyone and
were about 2 and a half hours out from the zone leaders. Something
cool is I know 2 of them missionaries from tuxtla in our district right
now so.

Something nice about here is everyone knows us. We walk up to talk to
somebody and they already know all about us and we're doing here. They're
all really friendly too and willing to listen to our message. There's
a lot of people here willing to follow Christ right now w'ere just
trying to organize ourselves and the branch so we can help these
people the best we can.

Thanks for everything!
Elder Wixom