Monday, July 27, 2015

A miracle week 7/27/15

haha mi Espangol pues, mas o menos, pero ya va. The people here drink pozol a lot on Sunday's. Look it up, maybe you could buy it or order it, it's a drink made out of corn and it's sooooo good. Pozol de cacao is even better. Anyways the family is having a lot of health problems right now so we're trying to do what we can for them. They're awesome.

So this week we saw a miracle. We were visiting a couple a few months ago that left to Ocosingo and came back this week for vacations. So the boy is a member since but his girlfriend no and when we were visiting with them here in Tuxtla he was never very interested in coming back to church. Well something changed when they went to Ocosingo and when they came back because it turns out that the hna has been attending church and hasn't missed a week and he's started up again and has been going for about 3 weeks now. They as a couple have been reading the Book of Mormon and just finished it a few weeks ago. They've been really good with the compromises and progressing really well but the detalle has always been that they live together unmarried. This week we put a date that she could prepare to be baptised and a week earlier they could prepare themselves to get married and we asked them to prepare about it to know if it was what they should do. We came back and they said they prayed and received an answer. They felt like they should talk to their family and get their opinions and the parents who were recently unsupportive of their marriage told them they would help pay for the boda. They're really excited getting everything put together and they're super excited to be able to start taking the sacrament and prepare for her baptism. They put in their part and prayed and God answered their prayer.
Thanks for everything take care!

Elder Wixom

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Great Week 7/20/15

Tuxtla is great, really warm haha. The people here are so, so friendly. Chiapas is amazing. 

Fun fact: the youngest in the family here in Chiapas is either called the Chunko (chew-nk-OH) or the pichi (peachy). For example, if madi was at home and was thirsty she could say "Chunko, dame agua!" and Justin would have to bring her agua because hes the chunko.

We're visiting a family right now that live just down the street. They came to church with us and and super friendly, they like reading and have tons of questions for us. We've also been a little sick the last little while so we have been able to visit them as often as we'd like but we're going to stop by tonight. If you like to pray for family Cruz Agilar that​ would be nice. 

I found a book the other day called the power of everyday missionaries by Clayton M Christensen. I'd like it if you guys could buy it and read it as a family. 

The next transfers are 15 of August. Wow it's almost been year since I've been out here. The time goes by quickly. Hey I love you dad and all you've done for me, you're an awesome example of Christ like values. 

Anyway thanks for everything! Cuidense!

Elder Wixom

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


​Well something I'm learning now is the value of time. We've had an eternity to learn and grow and study and now we've only got about 80 years maximum to put it all to practice. We've only got one lifetime to choose to learn and know our Heavenly Father. I'm really grateful for the chance I have to be here and to learn the importance of our lives the smallest decisions we make. We only have so much time to study and live and make decisions it makes me want to make the most out of my time in the mission so when I return I can be know how and be prepared to teach my future family. Plus that's what I've been thinking a lot about lately, the gift of living a new day everyday and how we should enjoy each one.

Monday, July 6, 2015



Wow the cart looks great! And yeah the carts an awesome job if you can find enough events. This year I literally forgot all about the 4th haha, oops. But it sounds like you had a blast. They do a lot of fireworks here but mostly just bottle rockets and more in Ocosingo, my old area.
So this week we started visiting all the members and sharing with them Alma 6:6 which teaches us to fast and pray for those who don't know God. We've been inviting them in their personal prayers to pray specifically for the families we visit. I'd like to invite you guys to do the same but with people you know specifically in your ward. If right now you don't know anyone who is investigating the gospel to pray for I encourage you to look for someone and invite them to mutual to church with you and then make sure to include them in your prayers. Prayers make miracles when we do them right so really think about what your praying for and how you want God to answer your prayer. I know God answers prayers and is always ready to hear us. Thanks for everything fam and have an awesome week!
Con Amor,
Elder Wixom

Bad news, I think either the heat or the humidity got to my camera and ya murio :( But I will continue sending photos from my companions camera! Love you all, bye!