Friday, October 24, 2014

Last Week in the MTC 10/24/14

So our travel plans are US airways 595 to Arizona, then 503 to Mexico City. from there it's Aeromexico 557 to my mission! I haven't heard from our mission president yet but my whole district is taking the same plane the whole way there so that'll be fun! My favorite part of the MTC is probably the volleyball haha, I usually play with the Tongans against the Samoans and it gets really heated real fast but its a blast. They are just constantly screaming and yelling and they make it really fun. Thanks for the package.  The church picture book is amazing and I like the Lamanite action figures. Me and some members in my district made el bano moy festive with some of the supplies too haha we put the christmas tree on the mirror and everyone started singing pacific islander Christmas songs haha.  Every night this week our floor (it's the international one) has a massive pillow fight. literally 30+ guys circling the floor hitting each other with pillows. Our small zone are always the Nephites and all the other um darker skinned elders are the Lamanites XD its alot of fun and I feel like the water guns are definitely going to put the battle in our favor.  So thanks for everything, Todays been fun. I'll call you when can, thanks again!  Oh Alex's older brother, and me and Elder S have been talking alot which is nice.
Con Amor
Elder Wixom
Spencer Tolson (works at the MTC) and Aaron.  Thanks Michelle (Spencer's Mom) for this picture.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

4th Week in the MTC

 I got my travel plans today.   I leave at 3:30 am on the 27, It'll cost me about $150 if it goes well, and there's a layover in LA and then I think Mexico City then my mission. I'm so excited, I just want to go out there and start speaking with people, the MTC is fun but I'm ready to go. E Schneider got here yesterday so I know the MTC is going to get that much more awesome! Also I  ran into Alex's brother who I guess works here, that was pretty cool.  It's going to be crazy! Life here is good, the usual, we teach a bunch of lessons and then a bunch of language study then sleep. It's the same everyday.  I got a copy of the Spanish Childrens Story Book about the BoM and I've been studying that and its really helpful haha.  Anyways glad you guys are doing good!
Hasta Luego!
Elder Wixom

On the Left is Elder Maya who is a solo missionary and is from our mission and he's way cool and has been teaching us a lot of spanish and a lot about the area. The right is Elder Correa who is from  Ecuador and he's super funny. Correa leaves this monday but Maya leaves a week after us.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

MTC 10/10/2014

So I gotta type fast but these last couple weeks were really awesome and really hard. My whole district is coming down with strep so we haven't had a full classroom in a while now.  I've had a sore throat but I think I'm coming out of it so I guess I got lucky.  They have us teaching twice a day in Spanish and sometimes we're randomly assigned to teach people spiritual thoughts in Espangal.  Esta moy difficil. It's hard to teach in spanish when you don't know what you would say in English but I'm learning.  When it gets hard they tell us to always keep it as simple as we possibly can and make it as easy for a little child to understand our message as an adult. I've seen a few people that I know here and that's pretty fun, I've got a buddy from school I've been talking to a lot lately so that's awesome. The hardest part about the MTC is the rules, mostly they're all easy but not listening to my own music is killing me and also I don't think my room has gone to bed before midnight since we've moved to this main campus. Spanish is coming slow but steady, it will take a while but I'm ready to just get down there because I know that's the best way for me to learn. Conference was really cool but I was sick so I slept through quite a bit of it, President Uchtdorf's talk, "Lord it is I" really hit me, that was a good one.  There's also videos we can watch here on Sunday that are only accessible in the MTC and I watched one titled "Charcter of Christ" by Bednar and that was probably the coolest lecture I've ever listened too, it just talks about giving it your all and being selfless in all things you do. Anyways, I'm glad you guys are doing good!
Elder Wixom
That's one of our teachers Hermana Estrada, her and Hermano Martinez are awesome, they're both awesome teachers but I dont have a pic of him.
This is the fort we made a couple nights ago when we couldnt sleep, we found a bunch of pillows and mattresses and really went all out haha

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Second Week in the MTC 10/1/14

I got your package and let me tell you, my companions loved it haha.  It was really needed because we changed dorms and had to give up all of our old candy so it was nice to have something to snack on, thanks so much! Missionary life is different but I think I'm starting to adjust.  There are a lot of rules haha, but its still a lot of fun. These last two weeks have just flown by but at the same time they feel like an eternity haha anyways glad to hear you guys are doing ok! (to his Grandparents)

Alex told me about his talk and he said he cried the whole way through it haha.  I wish I could have seen it haha.  They teach plenty in Guatamala, he'll have lots of opportunities.  I got the package you guys sent me, it was awesome! We ate just about everything already haha and the binder was cool, I don't know if I'll have much time here but when I get out I'll be able to really look through that, thanks. There was alot that happened this week but I have less time to email today then most so I'll have to tell you next week, but it was a lot of fun!         Aaron is in the back left.