Monday, December 7, 2015

12/7/15 Other Elders in the Mission

Well the biggest difference is here during Christmas its still like 90 degrees outside, oh my goodness it is hot!​ But they all celebrate Christmas here and the night before they all eat tamales and arroz con leche(rice with milk)

This last week we had a multizoner conference and our President taught us about our Savior. It was amazing, it really helped me recognize how much Jesus Christ really loves us and how we need to make the most out of ready day to show our love for him. Every day we need to reassure the things that he's taught us and show him that we appreciate all that he's given us. Ah man I love Christmas so much!

Yeah I remember that trip, it was awesome! You should take Justin out there, I'm sure he'd love it!

He }y well I'm doing really good, it really is exhausting work but there is nothing more rewarding and I'm happier then I've ever been. I just want to say I love you all and thanks for the package mom! I just got it but I haven't opened it yet ill wit till Christmas don't worry. Anyways have an awesome week!

Elder Wixom
These are the other Elders in our district, they came and helped out with the baptism last week!

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