Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Companion- Still no English speaking 12/16/2014

Ayy, sorry for my short email last week, I wasn't feeling well and was um, pressed to find a bathroom haha.  I'm glad the ward is still just as fun loving as ever haha, I freaking love all my leaders, I bet that was great. I'll buy a camera for Christmas haha! That's perfect! and I'll tell you guys about last week.  Monday we went to San Cristobal (so pretty).  I said goodbye to my companion E Acosta :( , In the mission your mission trainer is your dad, or here, your papa, so we bought matching corbatas and we were papa-hijo, it was pretty funny.  I love him to death though, he's awesome. Tuesday I met my new companion E. Lopez. He's super super funny and really good at teaching lessons so I'm really excited for this transfer but in  5 weeks he goes home to his state in Mexico so I'll get a new companion again haha. Because the occ buses were late I had to stay another night in San Crist. Thursday we came back for one day and the very next day my companion got permission for the Mission Pres. to visit some member friends in Tuxtla. While we were there we got to do a session in the temple and it was great. The members are super friendly. We stayed till till Sunday when we returned to Ocosingo and guess what, Sunday night we took another bus back to San Cris for the navidad devocional.  It was combined with 3 zones and it was a ton of fun, I met up with some of my MTC buddies and we had a blast, I loved it haha.  Then me and my MTC buddies went back to Tuxtla to fill out some forms for our green card.  Monday night me, my companion from the CCM(Elder Palmer) and another friend form the CCM Elder Mcdonald stayed at the mission presidents house and got to eat with him.  We had tuna sandwiches and talked for like and hour but it was so much fun.  I love our mission pres, he is so humble. we came back yesterday which is why today I'm emailing you and not lunes. Entonces, life is good, I love it here and I'm happy to be back in my area and I'm ready to teach.  I hope you guys have fun at your dinner and have an awesome week! I think I'll be able to skype you guys oon the 23 and on the 21 I can tell you what time, anyways, hasta lluego!
Con Amor
Elder Wixom

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