Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Almost Christmas 12/22/14


Ha, Yeah it was crazy, but this week was a lot of fun too. My new companion is a really hard worker and this week we've gotten a bunch of new investigators. Also we have one baptism that looks really promising scheduled for next week that we are really excited about.  It's so fun to teach lessons where the people are actually listening haha. The language is coming, I'm not to stressed out about it, I can say what I need to say in the lessons and the rest will come naturally through diligent study and just by living the day to day here.

For Christmas I'm not exactly sure what the plan is but today there's a devocional here in Ocosingo with the temple president and a bunch of missinaries from our zone are coming and we are going to be doing alot of contacting and inviting today. It's going to be really great, I'm super excited.

Yeah I heard about Jordan, that's rough, I'm sure he'll be fine though. Theres honestly not many days here where you're not dealing with some sort of weird illness but with patience and prayer it always turns out fine. Jordan's a tough kid and he'll be able to deal with that no problem.
Anyways I'm glad you guys are all ready for Christmas! It sounds like you have some pretty exciting stuff planned and I hope it all goes well! Let everyone know how much I love them!  I promise by next week I will be able to send you guys lots of pictures, it's just been really hectic here the last little while. And don't forget what this holiday is all about, with our lessons we've been focusing a lot on what Jesus has done for us and what we can do to for him. If you all haven't seen the video at  navidad.mormon.org yet you need to see it, it is so beautiful. We've been challenging everyone to find one gift they can give the Saviour this holiday season and i want to challenge all of you either as a family or personally to find one thing you can do for Christmas. Anyways, have an awesome Christmas, I love you all!

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