Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mexico Life 11/24/14

That's awesome!  Way to go Justin!  The first few times are always scary but giving talks are actually really fun when you feel confident about what you re saying.  Next week I've been asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting in Spanish for the first time and I'm really excited, just another motivation to study harder.  Tell Katie I said hi and I miss her and all of you.  And Madi that's awesome! It's cool having a friend who knows nothing about the church because then you can be the one to try and answer all of their questions and watch their understanding and desire to learn more grow.  It's a privilege to share the gospel.  I'm glad Sol is having a good time, I hope singles ward continues to be awesome! The weather is the same, always hot haha but I'm getting used to it, the nights are always perfect too, that's a plus. There's a lot of ants and the entrance to our church is always filled with cockroaches but besides that its not too bad.  Our apartment is clean for the most part.  There's lizards in the chairs in our church classrooms that we have to shew away but they're harmless, and Pollo. Pollo is everywhere, every single meal, I'm not sick of it yet but I try to have other things whenever I can. and yeah they're tons of strays dogs, more then I can describe but I've never seen one that's barked or been aggressive to anyone at all.  They kinda just roam around looking for food.  The families are good, like I said Ocosngo is the town of the drunks and there are a lot and the attitude hear is kinda I can drink today and repent tomorrow and that's been our biggest challenge, explaining the significance of commandments.  I don't have a new companion yet and for that I'm glad, I couldn't have asked for a better trainer,  I love him to death.  He is a patient man haha the language barrier is hard but I'm getting better.  My companion has a bunch of, I don't know what you call them, texts? some writings but mostly pictures from the walls of a bunch of temples and ruins he has visited and a bunch of mormon interpretations of them.  They are the coolest things I've ever seen and the symbolism and accuracy of all of them,   We are in the promised lands.  It truly is amazing.  As soon as I feel more confident with my Spanish and I'm done reading the Jesus the Christ I'm going to buy some of the texts they have here just about the history of Chiapas, it's all so interesting.  So I'm glad to hear you're all doing good, remember to keep me updated!  I'll try to find time within the next couple weeks to send a letter home more about how life is hear and what me and my companion are doing.
Con Amor
Elder Wixom

When I return I would LOVE to come back as a tourist and just visit all these ruins.  We should do it. Chiapas is a lot safer then you'd think and everyone is so friendly.  Also everything is super cheap so that's a plus.  I'm getting better with the language but I'm till trying to figure out how to get the most out of the little time I have to study.  If I just had another 8 hours a day to read out of the gospel doctrines and to study Spanish that would be so amazing.  There is not enough time for everything here which makes it really important not to shirk off.   I'd love to send more photos but right now my camera is kinda, idk, dead?  It's broken beyond repair and idk why so idk if I'll be able to take any more photos at the moment but we;re returning to the ruins next Monday so I'll be able to send a few from my companion.
And it's kinda difficult because I came to the area the same week a tragedy took place in the ward and the branch president passed away.  It's been very difficult on everyone and its really shaken people up.  There have been a lot of problems with the leadership in our branch but with that said they are still awesome with efforts and they've been putting in and even though it is far from perfect they've been a blessing.
So some notes you can share with the ward, our branch here is absolutely awesome at providing food. Everyday at 2 someone feeds us lunch and not only is it helpful, it is needed for a lot of the missionaries.   With our limited funds, there's not a lot of money for food and it is absolutely the members responsibility to help out as much as they can.  Every members a missionary and feeding the missionaries is only one of many things they SHOULD be doing to support the spread of missionary work.  Another is freeing up time in  their busy schedule to offer a home or to be willing to travel to accompany the missionaries when there're teaching lessons. The added testimony of members is invaluable and also helps to show that Mormons are people to and we don't all wear name tags and corbatas twenty four seven.  Really everyone can spare an hour or two each week to sit in and contribute to the lessons.  Another thing is referrals, don't be shy to give out referrals.  Refer everybody you know, whether it be your best friend or a a coworker you hardly know.  The gospel is for everybody not only those who you feel comfortable recommending.  It is not the members job to determine who is ready to receive the gospel.  The knowledge of Jesus Christ is for everybody and they need to understand the significance of the work missionaries and members alike have been called to do.  The last thing which is important is to be friendly, en tonces don't be cliquey.  If you are talking to the same 10 people at church and during activities you are doing it very wrong. Although you might not be able to talk to everybody every Sunday you need to expand your love and interest. take your friend group and obliterate it.  Everyone is your friend. everyone deserves to feel your light and your warmth.  Don't deprive them of that because you are nervous or you've never met them before.  At one point every one of your best friends were strangers to you.  Extend your hand, extend your home for visits, and sacrifice your time and your energy to just be there for others.  It's really not hard.
Anyways those are the things I have time to write about now.  Feel free to alter or summarize or make any adjustments you see fit. Without the fellowship of the members all of the missionary work were doing  now would be in vain.  We need their help and CANNOT do it without them.
Anyways glad your doing good, keep me up to date on everything!
Con Amor,
Elder Wixom

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