Monday, February 1, 2016

New Area 2/1/16

Yeah I kinda know what you mean. I'm just trying to find out how to give everything to the Lord. Serving a mission is really hard and there are a lot of distractions​ but I just want to be completely consecrated to the Lord. I was kinda bummed out when they sent me here and I wasn't going to be a district leader anymore but last night I prayed and remembered that the Lord knows me and he knows whats best for me and I just have to put in my part and he'll take care of the rest. Thanks for the letter dad, cuidese!

Elder Wixom
Saludos De Tapachula!

Wow this whole week has been insane. I got called from a tiny little fish town to the middle of a huge city. It was kind of a big shock. I had to take the bus for 8 hours by myself and get to just about the whole coast of Chiapas and it is really pretty!​ This really is the promised land. The bad thing is the bus had air conditioning and I got sick and lost my voice for a couple days. I felt fine and didn't have a fever but I couldn't say a word to save my life until Tuesday. But now I'm fine don't worry. I've been called to serve in the Indeco ward, and that's the came colonia where we live. There's about 100 people who come to church every week which is a huge difference than what  I've been used to. We've visited a lot of members and I've seen the same thing here as in all of my other areas, there are some kids a lot of women and very little active worthy priesthood holders. We've been talking and thinking about what were going to do to find more families and fathers. We made a really cool ward plan for this year and we think it's really going to make a big difference in the participation of the members in the missionary work, after all we are all missionaries.
this was a lesson we taught outside with los chemacos. I couldnt speak so i found scriptures and they read them and explained what they learned, i think thats how we should be teaching always.

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