Monday, February 22, 2016

Doing well 2/22/16

Saludos de la tierra juacalero​!

Soo my companion and I are doing really good! It has been really really hot but we've been looking and found 3 part member familias that haven't been to church in a while. We're still fairly new to this area so right now we're praying and trying to determine what it is they need in order to more fully come unto Christ. We're going to to a ward sports night Friday and inviting everyone to come play volleyball at the church. All the Church group leaders are very excited, we're just trying to excite the members to bring their friends. The key with missionary work is there always needs to be a member present. It is very dificult to study and apply the teachings of Christ by yourself. If you ever see the missionaries at church or in the street ask them who they'd like you to visit with them or offer to take them to your friends house. Like Derek said in his letter this work is by everyone for everyone.
Here's one of the mosquito nets my companion and I use at night, we sleep like princeses!

 Anyways Tapachula Izapa is amazing, here's a photo of our zone.

This Wednesday we had a zone activity out in a little town in the mountains called Cacauhtan. It was super pretty and we got to see a bunch of really beautiful waterfalls with the President George. I'll send you some more photos.

This week in church I was asked to give a talk about Prayer and its been on my mind for a while now. I really have gained a testimony of prayer. I know God hears our prayers if we only just learn to listen. I know he loves us. I know when he asks us to pray always (2 Nephi 31:8-9, D&C 6:36, Alma 34) he really means that we pray always. That we let our thoughts become prayers and that we address our Heavenly Father always. I know as we do so we are blessed. I love the Lord and have felt His love and protection in return. In the name of Jesucristo, amen.

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