Monday, January 18, 2016

New Church 1/18/2016

Hola Hola!

Hey so this week was kinda weird. Our dueno came Tuesday and told us that he wanted to start renovando the house and brought his workers and they just started cutting out the front windows of our house. It was OK but we have all our stuff there and all the churches stuff and at night they just left the windows and our house open to the world. The next day they told us they were just getting started so we decided we better find a new house and meanwhile that they were working on then house we were there to make sure nothing of ours or the church got lost or broken. We found a house Thursday that was big enough for our stuff and temporarily the churches and got everything moved in. We lost a lot of time this week dealing with house problems. Buut we had sacrament there yesterday and it went awesome, Marialuisa and her kids came and it was awesome! There a family that we have been teaching and they're really amazing. They want to get baptized they're just waiting for there dad and he's been studying the book of Mormon to know if this is the true church of God. I love this family. We're going to visit them today and teach what is and how to do family home evenings and schedule one, its going to be great! I love it here, the branch here in Pueblo Nuevo is really special, I've grown so much with them. I love you guys back home, have a great week!

Elder Wixom

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