Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another January Day 1-12-15

Ayyy, how are you guys? I'm feeling a lot better, thanks. And that's awesome, tell Katie congrats on the scholarship! That's really cool. And that'll be fun, teaching lessons is the funnest part about missionary work and I'm sure the missionary's will be grateful for the help.  I'm sure Justin is probably ready to take his braces off.  There's a kid here about 7 years old and literally whenever I see him he is watching videos about Minecraft.  It reminded me of Justin haha.

Life here is good, it rains every now and again but we usually just work through it, umbrella or not were going to be soaked by the end of the day anyway. The rainy season I've been told starts in two months so I've been enjoying the weather now that I can.

This last week we had a baptism planned but she didn't feel ready so we postponed it until this Saturday and this week we will stop by and try to help her feel more confident. We're also baptizing the son of Ha Alma this Saturday and that's really exciting, Ha Alma is the Ha we baptized last week and she's been really good with giving us referencias and helping us teach lessons. 

This week and last we've been focusing on family history work and temples with our lessons with members.  It's really hard for the members to pay for the trip to Tuxtla and back but we've been explaining the importance and the blessings they'll receive when they go and I feel like were making progress, poco a poco.

Jordan will be ok, just make sure to keep him in your prayers.  The Lord wants to help anyone who looks to him, especially missionary's, and he´ll keep Jordan safe, there's no doubt in my mind.

But anyways I'm glad to hear you're all doing good!  Life here is hard but its enjoyable.  Enjoy your winter, I know I miss the snow sometimes haha Adios!

Elder Wixom

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