Monday, August 10, 2015

City of the Pineapple 8/10/15

This Wednesday we had a multizone activity with the mission president and the missionaries. We went to some waterfalls by Coita (city of the pineapple). I'll send you some photos, it was really nice.

I love you guys, take care!

Elder Wixom

This week Evelio Cruz Agilar came to church! It was awesome we talked about prophets and apostles and you can see how everyday we visit his testimonies growing. I love teaching that family.

Right now were visiting Antonia and Nuri. I cant remember if I told you but Nuri is a member and his girlfriend is getting ready to be baptized. The problem is they need to get married first. That had a little but of a problem with there paperwork but we fasted with them and there family and invited about 8 other missionaries to join us and today in the afternoon were going to find out what the offices say. She is super ready to be baptized who knows everything and has a very strong testimony of Jesus and the book of Mormon. Right now were just praying and we've done all we can and were putting the rest in Gods hands and he's going to do whatever is best for them. 

yeah sell it I don't need. I'm going to buy a real chiaponeco hammock when I come back anyway haha.

Thanks dad for everything, take care of the family!

Elder Wixom

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