Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3/16/15 Loving Tuxtla!

Wow that's great!  I'm glad he's doing good and I'm glad his surgery's already kickin in, that was really fast.  Ay I'm sure Madi did excellent! That's awesome! And that's very cool that the family was able to come down and see it also, I'm sure that was a blast!

So this week was really good, a lot of walking. Right now we're working on being better organized so we're not going back and forth from one area and another but we're getting better.  Todo tranquilo aqui (all quiet here), we've have a lot of success with less active members this week, me and my companion have been sharing 3 Nephi 18 with everyone its been really helping the members understand la importancia de la santa cena (importance of the sacrament).

Today we're going to central so I'll make sure to take a bunch of pictures for next week!  I've said that before but today I'll make sure too, it's just that in reality we've got a bunch to do everyday and there isn't a whole lot of time.

Cool stories:  there isn't much besides this Saturday my companion was bitten by a dog.  We were just walking down the street real calm like and we passed a dog just sleeping under a tree and I think we must've scared it cause it just shot right up and got my companion by the leg.  It let go and started chasing him so kicked it and it took off. My companion is OK, we're just keeping a really good eye on his leg because street dogs can have a lot of different diseases. But right now he's doing really good so were not too worried.

Anyways I've got to go but thanks for the email and the support and it sounds like you're all having fun back home!  Enjoy Canada haha! Adios y te queiro todo!

Elder Wixom
Yeah I would love to read the Lectures on Faith!  Send it!  But truth be told I'm finding less and less time to read now that we don't have a laundry mat we have to wash everything by hand and that and reports usually eat up most our time.  But Anything from the Doctrine and Covenants would be great, I would love to read! 

My district is awesome! The Hnas are super fun and really hardworkers, truth be told from them me and my companion are learning a ton, this district is definitely foreordained haha.

That's awesome! We've been talking a lot about prophets and church leaders and about how they literally have the exact same tools and resources to find gospel truths as we do. They have the same covenants and same spirit and same everything that we've been blessed with.  So why do we wait until we're visited or we hear a talk from an authority to find the answers to questions that we have.  We literally have the opportunity to know every single thing that we could ever need to know at our fingertips and all it takes is faith and a little studying to get there.  I don't know, it's just always important to remember that.

Anyways it sounds todo tranquilo en gringolandia, saluda los hermonos mios! Adios!

Elder Wixom

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