Monday, August 1, 2016

Great Week 8/1/16

Part of my letter to president!

I had an amazing experience in my personal studies today. In the morning I listened to a talk by Elder Holland.  I have several and so I can't even remember which one it was but it talked about our chance to improve ourselves and it talked about God and how his source of being happy is his ability to be merciful unto others. It hit me so hard. That is why we live. That's why we're here and that's  why Christ atoned for us. I feel bad because it took me almost two years to really understand why I am here but now I know that I'm here to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, helping them every step of the way. I then read a little bit of the talk the 4th missionary about how real conversion only comes through a complete surrender of who we are, our desires our thoughts our past and even our future. This is the easiest and ultimately the only fruitful way to live. We have got to lose ourselves to find ourselves. Literally ANYONE can do it and it's the only way to real happiness. 

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