Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nice Week 5/3/16

Yep Rodulfos getting huge, we're really excited. Jose Adan just recieved the melquedec priesthood this Sunday so we might have a small branch by the end of May, who knows. Either way the work is growing out there and we're hoping that President will send one of us out there full time to really get thing moving.

I'm happy you're all doing good, I'm doing fine here! Elder Jones and I will be together another cambio so that's really fun! We're doing work out here! Have a great week!

Elder Wixom

Well we;re going to baptize a couple who's getting baptized this week and a few people the next week. On Pdays we spend all of our time doing informes and buying things. There's not really a lot of time to do anything. Thanks for the book, I might get it this transfer if I'm lucky. That sucks about Hna Tolson, she's a great women and makes really good cookies. I hope she gets better soon.

Well thanks for everything dad, have a great week!

Elder Wixom

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